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The Readers

Ensemble specializes on XIV-XV c. music having special approach. They work pieces out only from manuscripts and original notation not dealing with any transcriptions: it helps to achieve certain linearity and melodical independence of the parts which this music is naturally asking for.

Special attention they pay to the texts, since music is mostly its decoration putting new dimension. All the texts are spoken out loud first by each of the musicians to assimilate proper pronounciation, meaning and poetical metric in order to make it own language and then put it together with music. Also The Readers practices Contrapunto alla mente, playing around the pieces composing new parts above the existing ones to make music even more own.


Irina Dubrova, vocal
Daria Maglevanaya, vielle
Konstantin Shenikov, plectrum lute
Alina Zvonareva, linguistic consultant

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