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Der Saitenwald

(ger. Forest of strings)

is an up-and-coming ensemble based in the Black Forest, delving into the chiaroscuro of the lute and harp. It took root from a shared music stand and gleeful 16 foot notes in St. Petersburg, during a 2013 production of Landi`s "La morte d`Orfeo". Konstantin and Kit founded Der Saitenwald from the close connection and contrasts between the lute and harp, the secrets shared in a forest of strings.


They are dedicated to bringing to life rare and unrecorded repertoire of the 18th Century, revealing the beauty and strength of these two instruments and the bond between them. In 2022 the ensemble has recorded and published their first album with world premiere recording of Sonatas by Antonino Reggio continuing Konstantin`s research on this composer, the work is still in progress and in 2023 the 2nd volume is going to be published to complete the collection. See dicography.

Visit also Kit`s personal web site

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