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Aug 2022:
ANTONINO REGGIO. 24 Sonate di Liuto e Basso, vol. 1

Album is based upon Konstantin`s research on the composer and his style. In collaboration with fabulous Kit Samara and produced by HR Recordings. This album explores the many surprises of Antonino Reggio’s lute sonatas, and is a world premiere recording using cutting edge technology for the highest quality sound.


It is available to stream through platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, and Youtube but for the best experience NativeDSD website is highly recommended, where it is available in DSD, DXD and FLAC audio.

Sep 2021:
Portraits of the Renaissance

The portraits in question depict not only the subjects the specific English genre portrayed, for example, Queen Elizabeth I in John Dowland’s “Queen Elizabeth Galliard”, but listening beyond that to see portraits of the era in which they earned their acclaim. 

Melodies travelled just as people did: one composed in France would be adapted in Spain, intabulated and reinterpreted somewhere else still. Songs like ‘Greensleeves’, ‘Mille Regretz’ or ‘Susanne ung jour’ had a lot of variations, intabulations and gained fame throughout Europe: These are the melodies which, in our time, have become signifiers of The Renaissance itself.  

Walking through this gallery of famous pieces, favourite genres and portraits of real people we can picture a time through the eyes of the composers and musicians who lived it. 


March 2018:
TRAVELS WITH GOLIATH. Grigory Krotenko, Ilya Mazurov, Barocco Concertato

Early classical concertos for double bass and strings.


Konstantin plays basso continuo on romantic guitar as member of Barocco Concertato.

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